6 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows Server 2019 Hosting

If you are looking for Windows hosting, whether on shared, VPS, dedicated server or cloud, you really need to look for a web host that offers the Windows Server 2019 operating system. Far more advanced and secure than its 2016 predecessor, it’s the ultimate choice for websites and applications that need a Windows environment. Here, we’ll look at what Windows Server 2019 has to offer and why you should upgrade.

1. Stay in the game

Things change very quickly in the IT world and the newer an operating system is, the more it can provide the functionality that organisations require. To run the technologies that companies rely on today, operating systems need to help applications perform faster, be more efficient and more secure.

The older you let your version of Windows become, the less compatible it will be with the latest software and technologies and the harder it can be to upgrade. Indeed, companies that have continued to use legacy versions of an operating system may even face significant challenges when upgrading to the latest version because support is no longer available for older infrastructure and applications. This means when an OS upgrade is forced upon you, you may need to upgrade applications and infrastructure at the same time – something that can be very costly.

To prevent this problem, it is always best to upgrade sooner rather than later.

2. Older versions losing support

While Windows 2016 will still receive support over the next few years, those running Windows Server 2012 will find support coming to an end very soon. Microsoft ended all support for Windows 2008 last year and WS 2012 will reach end-of-life status in 2023. Without support, patching is not available and this leaves these servers vulnerable. Importantly, as Windows Server 2012 lacks the cloud-ready design of Windows 2019, ideally, anyone using WS 2012 should upgrade by 2023.

3. Bringing Linux completely on board

While Windows Server 2016 nudged closer to Linux compatibility, WS 2019 goes much further, enabling users to run genuine, open-source Linux that is fully integrated with the Microsoft hypervisor range of apps and infrastructure. This is not a short-term change of stance. Microsoft has now adopted a totally different attitude towards open-source applications and has become a leading collaborator in their development. Besides making it easier for Linux-based apps to work on Windows, Microsoft is even working on developing Linux-native versions of its own applications.

4. Future-proofing your compatibility

The rapid turnout of new technologies and the drive towards digital transformation means companies need to be in a position where they can adapt quickly to change in order to stay competitive. Most businesses, over the next few years, will need to update their infrastructure and operating systems if they are going to be able to continue adopting these new technologies. Upgrading to Windows 2019 enables you to do this far easier.

5. Improved cloud integration

The cloud has become the leading solution for most businesses and, for this reason, a cloud-compatible operating system is essential in order to smoothly migrate services to the cloud or to integrate cloud and on-premises systems. Cloud compatibility is an integral design feature of Windows Server 2019 and works with the full range of Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) cloud options, i.e., public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures.

Beyond this, Microsoft has also optimised Windows Server 2019 to work with the growing number of Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms. The ability of today’s advanced SaaS platforms to bring rapid transformation has made them increasingly popular, especially as they offer companies enormous potential to integrate data with operational systems and make increasing use of automation.

6. Improved security

Cybersecurity is a major concern for all organisations and vulnerabilities within operating systems are a key target for attack. New operating system versions always offer enhanced security compared to their predecessors and Windows Server 2019 is no exception. Key here is the introduction of Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection which doesn’t merely block threats, but also monitors, tracks and reacts to potential threats too.


Windows Server 2019 offers many improvements on Windows 2016, including improved Linux and cloud integration and enhanced security. Upgrading to WS 2019 helps Windows hosting customers take advantage of the latest technologies and provides them with the support and patching needed to keep their systems safe.

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